The journey lies within. Within The Murano term of Architects and Designers who were inspired to fill an empty urban space with a band of glass stretching to the sky – A fusion of Art, Architecture and glass. The journey, which started in 1291 with the closely-held secret of glass-making art, Born in Venice, Now bring us into the 21 century with a new landmark. MURANO, a crystal tower in the heart of downtown Toronto. A novel experience in the art of urban living; New architecture for the theatre of Human Activity and a new looking glass reflecting all that is best in our city. When you choose to live in a home inspired by fusion of the old world and the new. Join us on the journey. This is a voyage, a voyage that will bring you home. It begins and ends with Murano.

The architectural elegance of Murano is a fusion of simplicity and design, advanced building technology and most of all, the inspiration of the legendary glassworks located in Italy. Designed by Peter Clewes of architects Alliance, one of the world’s leading architectural firms, Murano will consist of two soaring towers rising from a 2-storey podium structure featuring recreational amenities above a collection of ground floor retail stores. Building lobbies will be located on Grenville and Grosvenor for a more private residential ambiance. Simply put, these two buildings will emulate all the properties of a well-designed piece of glass sculpture: To reflect everything going around it…. The movement on the street, the vibrancy of the people walking past and, of course the interplay of light and texture from the city itself.

With 24 hours concierge service, it features a rare collection of Venetian imported glass sculptures and custom selected Italian leather furniture. Travertine finished floors with accents, plaster faux relief walls, Zebrawood millwork complete the lobby’s dé

The Murano

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