Breathtaking Fresh Sea Breeze


There is absolutely no doubt how beautiful and scenic the location is!

Kamalaburi Phuket is situated on the beach on the southern beachfront of the Kamala Bay among the multimillion-dollar housing estates and between two five-star resort hotels, namely the Kamala Bay Terrace and Aquamarine Resort and Villa.

The project is spread over a 40-rai (16-acre) piece of precious land with over 140 metres across the beachfront.

Kamalaburi Phuket is set in a hilly mountainside surrounding gifted with a variety of natural rocks and 60-year-old rubber tree plantations, with some of the trees having trunks as wide as one metre in diameter and still blossoming. In short, Kamalaburi Phuket is an ideal location for those seeking a refreshingly natural holiday abode.

A Perfect Landscape For Living


Kamalaburi Phuket will be landscaped on a mountain incline in such a way that every single house in the estate will have revitalizing, unhindered sea view with a natural surrounding featuring rubber trees and natural rocks to go with it. Any time during the day, a leisurely lounge on your own pool deck will be prove to be a soothing experience amidst refreshing sea breeze and claming natural view. If that is not enough then just walk down to the beach for a dip or two in the sea. At Kamalaburi Phuket, you will not only relax but will have the added privilege of choosing the way you wish to relax.


There are three zones within the estate with as many types of houses to choose from. There will be 10 units of exquisitely designed, 3 storey BEACH FRONT SUITES laid out right on the beachfront. Then there are further 20 units each of 4 storey, cushy BEACH HOUSES and VILLA.


To make every vacation a truly relaxing experience for you, there are several additional facilities and services for you to avail. The most recommended facility is the Thai Massage, Spa and Health Treatment Club, where you will be able to enjoy special membership rates.


The houses will be stylish finished with quality imported and local materials and superior fittings. Provided European-style kitchens will feature teak wood and natural stone together with standard electric appliances.


With such quality estates, it is always important that maintenance is not only carried in a timely manner, but also by qualified and experienced personnel. With more than 20 years of experience in real estate and hotel management business, our experienced maintenance and service teams will ensure that the estate is always kept in an immaculate condition.

Furthermore, many optional services will also be provided or incorporated into your package. There will include: housekeeping; laundry; pool maintenance; gardening; house care and repairs; shuttle buses and catering services.

Rental management and investment schemes are also available.

Kamalaburi Phuket offers you a world-class living in a local price!

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